It's Never Nothing

by Kissing Fractures

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don't listen to this album or buy it


released June 2, 2013

i regret this EP very much



all rights reserved


Kissing Fractures Brooklyn, New York

wasn't a band anymore for a while but about to be a band soon again

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Track Name: Good Enough
this mythical state of being good enough
it seems quite close, but it's really not
'cause there's always someone you're trying to impress
stick out a smile and try your best

and even if you noticed, would anything change?
and even if you noticed you wouldn't stay

every action every thought devoted
to being good enough to stay wanted
every action every thought wasted away now that you're gone

you're just one less person to kiss up to but oh, i wouldn't mind kissing you
you're just one less person to kiss up to but oh, now all i've got is missing you
Track Name: Tiger Stripes
i've got tiger stripes running downs my thighs
i could've sworn i saw you looking at them once or twice
i've got tiger stripes running down my thighs
to be honest they make me really really shy

at the doctors' offices they keep on running tests on my brain
try to figure out why i get so damn sad when it rains

they say pretty girls like me shouldn't do anything to their bodies
well that doesn't apply to me 'cause i'm not a pretty girl
Track Name: Splinter Song
i've got splinters in my mouth from the last time that i kissed you

wounds heal over time but it depends on how deep they are
well mine are healing right now

you always say that i'm the one to blame
but things are different, nothing's the same

your voice sounds like you need some company
and i'm craving intimacy

i've got splinters in my mouth from the last time that i kissed you

you've gotten too attached and overprotective
when i'm with you i don't know how to live
run your fingers through my messy tangled hair
say you love me and i'll pretend that i care

when i told you that you would leave
you said it was a self fulfilling prophecy

i've got splinters in my mouth from the last time that i kissed you
but i'll pull them out
Track Name: Indigo Garden
they're single tracking all the trains tonight so i'll be late again
i was wrong 'cause i thought you were right
well you would've been right back then

tell me when did you get kicks out of making me feel bad
you can call me insane
but man i wish that this was only in my head

and i don't think i care enough about myself to tell you to stop
maybe i'm too scared to get away or maybe not

i don't know what to do about anything anymore
even if you don't want me i'm still yours
Track Name: Sun Ghost
you'll say something awful
and you'll think it's funny
and i'll pretend that it doesn't bother me

i'll draw circles with pencils
while you sit and smoke menthols
while i teach myself how to sleep

my body's a canvas
for my deprecating artwork
i fucking hate me you know you do too

picking out imperfections
they say its natural selection
and if you're pretty you might make the cut

you said don't make that face
it doesn't suit you very well
and you didn't know it was my smile

when i told you that it was
you rolled your eyes
told me to find a different one

i'm running on caffeine
and an empty stomach
i'm trying to learn how to love myself

i held on too tight
and then i fell
i thought about trying again but i won't risk it

i believed in us
i believed in ghosts
i believed in too much for my own good

i believe in people
and i'm scared of ghosts
i believe in everything except for myself
Track Name: It's Never Nothing
delicate hearts
they eventually crumble along with everything else
and we both know that

i don't make decisions for myself
life keeps going on without me being conscious
i don't know if you would count this
as a suicide attempt but you know when i was six
i tried to jump off my bed
'cause I thought it would fix everything

there's a difference between breaking apart and parting ways
though one usually leads to the other

if faking it's a talent then consider me professional
if i got paid i'd get out and i wouldn't be so miserable
but i'm rooted in the ground
got myself caught up in a rut that i could do without
and i can't seem to get away
but i'm trying