srr demos

by Kissing Fractures

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all of this was spontaneously recorded in ethan kell's room in one sitting
everything is very rough and not perfect
my laundry is currently in the dryer


released 28 October 2014

album art: connor mccann
ty ethan for letting me use ur amp
recorded/sung by aimee



all rights reserved


feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: strawberry snow demo
have u ever had strawberry snow
Track Name: coffin song demo
climb into my coffin, sleep right next to me
we can do nothing for eternity
melt our bones together, creating porcelain
gaze at the remains of our former velvet skin
i like how my body fits right into yours
we are laying still but i can feel your heart
against my head
we are sleeping together in my bed
and one day, sweetheart
we’ll sleep till we’re dead
Track Name: mugs demo
i’ll leave lipstick marks
all over your mugs
and i will stain your neck
various shades of red
i am a moon beam
you said i was your dream girl
do you still think that?
Track Name: west relocated ii demo
spitting off rooftops into the ground
they change shapes and forms and float all the way down
fixing up old things, and we’re finding out now
your fingers are static — i don’t know why or how

you grew your hair out cause you hated it short
we wandered around doing things of all sorts
you broke through my wall and you put me on yours
i could do nothing with you for hours